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In your Jesus Christ pose…

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Soundgarden GigPosters by Rhys Cooper

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1969 Dodge Coronet 500

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"In late 1990, Dave Grohl joined as our drummer. His contribution transformed us into a force of nature. Nirvana was now a beast that walked the earth." (Krist Novoselic)

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Nirvana defined a moment, a movement for outsiders: for the fags; for the fat girls; for the broken toys; the shy nerds; the Goth kids from Tennessee and Kentucky; for the rockers and the awkward; for the fed-up; the too-smart kids and the bullied. We were a community, a generation—in Nirvana’s case, several generations—in the echo chamber of that collective howl, and Allen Ginsberg would have been very proud, here.

— Michael Stipe

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Red Hot Chili Peppers + 00’s music videos

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Nirvana’s Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction

1. Smells Like Teen Spirit (with Joan Jett)
2. Aneurysm (with Kim Gordon)
3. Lithium (with St. Vincent)
4. All Apologies (with Lorde)

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Soundgarden at Pinkpop, Slaves and Bulldozers, 1992.

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