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Norman Reedus and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day [x]

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   ”I choose to live, not just exist.”
- Hetfield

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2013-2014 NHL Season

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film genre meme: [1/5] comic book
watchmen (2009)

The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up about their waists and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout “Save us!”… and I’ll whisper “no.”

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The X Files: ‘Our Town’

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Bruce Timm ~ Storyboards for the Emmy Award Winning Opening Title Sequence of Batman: the Animated Series. Seriously, this title sequence won an Emmy.

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Film Genre Meme: thriller (1/5)

Only one is a wanderer; two together are always going somewhere.

Vertigo (1958)

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Film Genre Meme: horror (1/5)

Mother’s interrupted the course of our journey. She’s programmed to do that should certain conditions arise. They have. It seems that she has… intercepted a transmission of unknown origin. She got us up to check it out.

Alien (1979)

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Favorite FilmsFull Metal Jacket (1987)

You write ‘born to kill’ on your helmet, and you wear a peace button. What’s that supposed to be, some kind of sick joke?

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Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life

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Super Kane at the 2012 NHL All Star Game x

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